Having worked in software business in the past as well as using various software tools as essntial parts of my day to day business, as well as investing in certain software companies as a private investory, I really believe tech is only going to become a more important part of our lives.


If you make a full time living off your own business, then one area of your business you can’t ignore is accounting. Even if you completely outsource your accounting, the liklihood is that you’ll need at least a passing familiarity with your chosen software tool in order to keep your stock and order records up to date. Putting your head in the sand just isn’t an option.

Computers have done a lot to make the world of business easier and more streamlined, and although it still boils down to good old hard work, in the end, there’s a lot that you can improve with the help of modern Trends in Accounting software tools. You have to be aware of what those solutions are and how to utilize them properly, though, because it’s easy to make mistakes in this field; the most common two types of mistakes are investing in all sorts of different Trends in Accounting Software tools, half of which you don’t need, and on the other hand, purchasing a tool and sticking with it forever because you don’t think there’s a need to change.


The winning strategy is to invest in the exact kind of tool that solves your problems at the moment, but leave enough room for expansion in the future. This means that the tool should be easily scalable and constantly supported, and even more importantly, it should be produced by a company with a proven track record in not only Trends in Accounting Software software development but accounting services as well.

Nowadays, many large-scale software tools have the tendency to be moved to a “service-oriented” style of development, meaning that instead of receiving a program that you install on every computer in your network, you rather get access to an online, networked service which is centralized and accessible for everyone in your company. This has numerous benefits which aren’t immediately obvious to those who haven’t used these types of services before, but once you’ve used a service-oriented program for a while, you’ll never want to go back to the old style.

One of the greatest benefits that these solutions provide is that they can allow you to easily scale up your operations as your company is growing, while also receiving constant support from the software developer without having to install your updates every time. Plus, if something goes wrong, it’ll be the responsibility of your vendor to fix it, relieving you of some of the burdens that come with using a third-party software tool in your operations.

Of course, this is a double-edged knife, as it can also bring some problems. You have to make sure that you can rely on your vendor all the time because if they give up at some point, you’ll be left with a non-functional accounting solution and this can quickly spell disaster for your whole company. It’s for this reason that choosing the right vendor for your particular niche is so important. Each software company has it’s own unique spin on things and although some providers like Quickbooks can be used by almost any business, choosing a vendor that is well suited to your business is probably the better option. At Jypsi many of us use Liberty, who dominate the online accounting software UK market.
Stop slowing down your business with the use of outdated, difficult to maintain software that should have been pulled off from the market years ago. Move to a more modern style of thinking which can give you the results you’re craving for, and soon enough you’re going to see your business flourishing in some unexpected ways. After all, if you can organize your accounting in an easily accessible manner, you’re pretty much all set for handling the difficulties in your business’s growth, at least from a financial point of view. The rest is down to providing a good product or service, and being responsible for your work.

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WordPress is a platform that dominates web design, being the content management system of choice for over 80% of sites on the internet.

Beloved by big corporations as well as small business owners (like us), it’s straightforward and easy to use but hugely versatile, with an open source plugin and theme market that mean you can basically do anything with a WordPress site with very little in the way of coding or technical knowledge.

But if you’re reading this, we suspect you’re already familiar with WordPress!

So we want to dive into some our favorite WP themes right now and show you examples of each.

1. X theme – Themeforest

Known as ‘the theme to end all themes’, the X theme is a drag and drop theme that promises unlimited versatility and the ability to unleash massive creativity without the hindrance of having to code.

X theme certainly delivers on it’s promise – the functionality is excellent – and it comes with dozens of pre-built templates that you can simply customize, if you’d prefer not to start from scratch.

The only downside with the X theme is the price, running at $70-80 depending on the sales tax in your country.


Example: http://8oaks.org/

2. Divi Theme – Elegant themes

The Divi theme is another responsive drag and drop theme by elegant themes, with similar functionality to the X theme. Divit makes it incredibly easy to build very attractive websites with no coding expertise, although there is somewhat of a learning curve with the drag and drop website builder, so you’d better be prepared to invest some time in learning how to use it, since there would be a switching cost in terms of time to revert to another theme. The divi theme is similarly priced to the x theme at $69.

Example: http://condiviso.coop/

3. Eclection – Themeforest

Eclection is a more traditional WordPress theme by themeforst without the drag and drop functionality of the above themes. As you can see from the pictures, Eclection is a clean and simple black and white theme that comes mobile and retina ready – it’s a great choice for a personal blog or a portfolio.

Site: themeforest.net


4 Hyperion – Themeforest

To complement Ecletion above, which is more of a personal theme, the Hyperion is a great business theme. With inbuilt shortcodes, sliders and color profiles, Hyperion is great looking theme that’s easy to use, but with enough functionality to put together any functionality you could need on a business website. A great example of this theme in action is this accounting software tool for reconciling vendor statements. You can see the simple but hard hitting homepage with a feature slider looks really great.


So those are our favorite themes of the moment – a couple of drag and drop themes and a couple of old school minimal business/personal themes. What themes are you using right now? Let us know in the comments!


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The digital world is ever expanding and you will be amazed to know the mind-boggling figures involved.  It’s apparent that brands must be progressively aware of the movement, the world is transforming to the next level of the digital age (which is still in its infancy), one that is beyond anything you can actually envision.

The following stats are taken into perspective with relevant population data, making it much more apparent that the only way businesses can move forward is making sure to engage customers through mobile and digital social networks interactions, and now, not later!


I have actually compiled the most intriguing statistics and broken them down into easy to understand facts. Being able to understand the worldwide digital penetration is not simply beneficial information; it is essential knowledge that has to form the foundation of every brand’s advertising and marketing campaigns. And here are the reasons why:

  1. Worldwide active internet users are at the 3 Billion level, that’s almost half of the world’s population of 7.35 Billion.
  2. When it comes to Social network, there are over 2.2 Billion active users, a worldwide 30% penetration.
  3. There are 3.7 Billion distinct mobile users since this quarter, making up a 51 % worldwide penetration.
  4. People are loving social networks, users have actually increased by 176 Million in the in 2014.
  5. About 365 Million of active mobile social users have actually been added over the same time span, that means an unbelievable overall figure of 541 Million.
  6. Facebook is severely increasing everyday, you can just imagine 1/2 Million new users every day; this means 6 new profiles every second. A truly ever-expanding market worth taking advantage of.
  7. The total number of mobile users comprise half of the world’s population, and 2 million cellular phones are actually sold around the world each day.
  8. There are 12 new active mobile social users who register every second which makes it a million in a day.
  9. Social platform, WhatsApp has actually gotten 300 Million new users considering that this time in 2014 which makes a year on year development of 60 %.

Check out this infographic for more random facts on social media


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Are you able to come up with contents but you’re not able to get the traffic you would have wanted?  Are you composing posts that no one reads? Producing article and submitting these to social networks, that then seem to vanish into thin air … with no buzz, interest or intrigue? The simple truth is that the large bulk of individuals who are producing material are dissatisfied with their outcomes … as they’re typically following obsolete and boring  templates or other foolish methods that merely DON’T work for getting “the READERS.”

Coming up with a content that netizens  are interested in, will read and share and re-post around the web is simple … and I’m going to show you my preferred method for doing it, right away listed below. I have actually composed countless short articles (over 6,000) that have actually resulted NUMEROUS views, and I have actually found out … through experimentation, exactly what works BEST for me, and I’m wagering … it will also be effective for you!

If you ask me why I was able to gain success with tons of my contents, it’s not because I look good or I have a really extremely good command in the English language and is quite artistic to some degree.  The truth is, anyone can make successful contents, just read through and find out how you can create contents and convert like crazy.

  1. Assault your opponents … or oppressions, injustices and other unjust practices or individuals in your specific niche, market or industry.   This is generally great in blogs, short articles as well as in podcasts.  I’ve used this technique in the past and it worked.
  2. Stand your ground, let it be known that you do not agree. Mix it up, stir it up.  Give your own perspective and support it concretely.
  3. Be funny. Do not be afraid to be humorous.  This is in fact my favorite especially that a great percentage of people in the internet marketing universe take themselves extremely seriously! Being light and amusing is an excellent strategy in making your readers feel comfortable and to actually like you.  If you can inject humor, you’ surely stand out among the rest.
  4. Say something nice. This works fantastically well for blogs and even articles like this one. Would you point your readers to a blog post that said super nice things about you? I certainly would… and have done something like that, on more than one occasion. The truth is, no matter HOW big the “fish”, everyone wants to be noticed, appreciated and acknowledged, and sharing the love is a wonderful way of getting your content picked up by your peers.
  5. Give back. If you want to get noticed, be generous even occasionally. Doing some charity is definitely a good way to get people interested with you and being singled out for supporting your neighborhood is an incredible strategy to make your content something folks will check out and even share to their social circle.

I hope all these five strategies to create a content that really converts like crazy would interest you enough to try. Just choose among the 5 techniques for your next post; you’ll be surprised with the converts you’re going to make.


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